The Art Of Studio Family Photography

Studio Sessions

Did you grow up with Sears portrait studio family photos? The kind where you would have to sit and pose for the photographer while they tell you to smile for the camera? Let’s talk about an alternative to the traditional posed family studio photography photoshoot.

Embrace The Candids

If you’re like me and believe that children are meant to move their bodies, then you’re probably really going to enjoy the candid style of photography. Candid photography is truthful and straightforward, and it’s exactly the kind of family photography my heart pulls me towards.

A family studio photography session involves choosing from a variety of studios located in and around Seattle. They feature different styles, and aesthetics such as all white backgrounds, or a beautiful custom wall as pictured here. When the weather begins to cool down in Seattle, they’re the perfect choice for a family photoshoot. And yes, there is plenty of space for the kids to move around freely that capture their true personality and spirit – aka real smiles.

The Benefits of Studio Family Photoshoots

Studio photography provides a controlled and distraction-free setting, ensuring that the focus remains on your family. This allows for beautifully composed shots and eliminates external factors that might disrupt an outdoor shoot – examples: weather, people in the background, etc. Soft, controlled, natural lighting is also a plus that only enhances the beauty of your family, resulting in stunning and evenly lit images. Studio family photography is not dependent on weather conditions, making it a reliable option year-round. You can schedule your family session at your convenience without worrying about rain or harsh sunlight. And finally, studio portraits have a timeless quality to them. The absence of distracting backgrounds and the emphasis on the subjects make these photos stand the test of time, becoming well-loved heirlooms for your family.

Book A Family Session Online

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, a new addition to the family, or simply want to freeze a moment in time with your kids, studio family photography offers a fun way to capture the love and bonds that make your family unique. I book studio photography sessions year ’round for families and couples, so reach out to me early so that we can prep together. Contact me online through my website and find all my booking packages through my Investment page. See you soon!

Studio: Olive Studio, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA.

with love,
Maria Alcantara