Studio Family Session, Seattle, WA

Studio Sessions

The family studio portrait session has come a long way from the studio portraits your parents made you take. There are a variety of minimal, cozy, styled, modern, and industrial type designed studios located all over Seattle, WA that I would recommend for family photos. It all depends on what your style is and how you want your photos to look. While some may think of studio portraits as outdated, they still hold an important place in photography today. There is something special about the simplicity of a family studio portrait, where the focus is on the subject and their individual personalities – especially the kids! During the colder Spring and Winter months, a studio session is the perfect choice for family and newborn photo sessions.

A portrait of two kids playing in all white studio near Seattle, WA.

The light is consistent

One of the benefits of studio portrait sessions is the control we have over the environment. Since we are indoors, we have complete control over lighting, background, and any props used in the photoshoot. This means that every detail can be carefully planned ahead of time to ensure that your family photos vibe with your style. By choosing a simple background and minimal props, the focus can remain on the subject, their personality, and emotions.

The use of props

For this studio family session, we used a portable staircase and disco balls that were provided by the studio owners. Personally, I’m a fan of all white studios because they don’t reflect light back onto the subject like a dark wood floor can. White floors act as a natural reflector for my subject’s faces and help flatter all skin tones. This family wore neutral, lighter colored clothing so that they didn’t have a strong contrast against the white background. Click here to see a more vibrant color choice when a family decides to pick a colorful outfit palette in a studio setting.

A portrait of a little boy hiding behind white curtain from sister in studio near Seattle, WA.

A portrait of a two kids running from white curtain in studio near Seattle, WA.

A family portrait of a male and female running around in circles with kids in all white studio near Seattle, WA.

A family photo of a male and female sitting on white stairs with their kids in studio near Seattle, WA.

Choose your occasion

Another advantage of using a studio for photos is that they can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are looking for a professional headshot, a family portrait, or a senior picture, a studio portrait can be tailored to your specific needs. They can be used for marketing materials, personal keepsakes, or even as gifts for loved ones. This particular studio is located near Seattle, WA and is clearly large enough for kids and their family to run, jump, and play. Can you tell that these kids were having the best time?

Scheduling a studio session is easy. It all starts with an inquiry:

  • Tell me how much time you want to spend – I highly recommend an hour for a family photo session, especially since for smaller kids that may need a bit more time to warm up.
  • Tell me what your style is: romantic vs. modern? It will give me a good idea of what style of studio to recommend for your session. I will then send you some rental fee options based on what studio you picked (some studios have a variety of rooms to choose from).
  • Once you decide on a studio, I will send you an invoice to hold your date and time. Then, I’ll be in touch to help you plan outfits and I may even send you a general moodboard after learning more about your family personality. We can even incorporate activities to keep the kids happy and engaged. This particular family simply chose to play with their kids. As you can see, it really worked to create loving, sweet moments with their babies.

Want to see more photos from this sweet family photography session? Visit my Instagram page and scroll through the post photos.

Photo location: Aqui located in Sodo near Seattle, WA.

with love,
Maria Alcantara