Modern Senior Portrait Photoshoot

Senior Portraits

A senior portrait session doesn’t need to be traditional. In fact, I would say it’s worth the time and effort to allow teenagers to express themselves freely. Let’s talk about what made this senior portrait photoshoot feel modern and fresh.

Outfit Options

Bringing layers and outfit options that feel comfortable and fun are such a key component to making every photoshoot successful. It’s probably even more important for teenagers because it gives them the ability to express all the facets of their personality. Clothes that give some movement, texture, and color, all add interest and variety to their gallery.

Angles And Perspective

I really love to create dynamic portraits for seniors that feel modern and new. Shooting from low angles or playing with shutter speed really helps to build a mood and feeling. Allowing them to be themselves and express their moods and just being in the moment helps to show their true personality. Also, just like with kids, stop asking them to smile at the camera. It ruins the vibe! Let’s be patient because I’ll get that photo too after they’re a bit more relaxed.

Hobbies And Interests

I enjoy getting to know all my clients, but it’s also a really important part of the process of taking someone’s photos. Again, I’m going to keep going back to personality because it just comes through in every photoshoot – the camera never lies. This was an outdoor senior photoshoot at a beautiful park in Seattle, but it’s not the right location for everyone. It was for this senior because part of her interests is actively enjoying the outdoors and the water. Maybe you’re more of a city person or a modern, industrial space type of person. Don’t be afraid to share what lights you up because we may be able to incorporate a little bit of that into your photoshoot.

If you’re interested in booking a senior photoshoot that doesn’t feel or look boring, definitely reach out to me sooner than later. I love being able to fit these into my schedule throughout the year. Get in touch with me online or book a spot directly online through my posted schedule. See you there!

with love,
Maria Alcantara