Family photography is a collaborative experience for me, and as a dedicated family photographer in Seattle, I want to help you feel seen, beautiful, acknowledged, and at ease. Through a blend of candid and lifestyle photography, I get excited to capture genuine family moments that resonate with the warmth of home.

"I'm working on bringing back true candid photography for families. I think it's just about the most true way to document people's lives."


I offer full styling services to help you take the stress out of choosing the right colors and clothing for your setting. Once we settle on a location, I'll collaborate with you to coordinate outfits for your entire family, using items from your existing closet or suggest new pieces that will enhance your family session. 

I like to keep my family sessions easy and laid-back to ensure that everyone feels comfortable. I move away from forced smiles or stiff poses - just positive vibes and genuine connections. Along the way, I will offer subtle ways to guide the process without losing authenticity. It's like a casual hangout where I happen to snap some awesome pics. So, if you're into authentic, natural family photos in the Seattle area, let's connect and create memories that will last a lifetime. 






As a first-generation Latina born and raised in Southern California, I bring a unique perspective to the world of family photography. Nestled in this eclectic city, I share my creative world with my video game designer/musician husband (he's quite popular with the Dads), our adorable son, and one adorable cat.

My background began in graphic design and shifted to photography after having my son. Through that training, I've honed my image composition skills and developed a unique approach to engaging with people through my camera lens. Drawing from my love for styling, I've integrated elements of graphic design into my approach, enhancing my ability to curate visually compelling compositions and infuse creativity into every family photo.

As a family photographer in Seattle, I look to capture the real connections, those spontaneous moments that make life so special, just as I see and feel them through my lens.

curating candid photos for seattle famiilies.

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"Maria is an absolute dream to work with. Her artistry is truly one of a kind and her work is unmatched. Her attention to detail is incredible and her demeanor makes you feel so at ease in front of the camera. I cannot express how lucky we feel to have had her photograph our wedding and we look forward to any opportunity to work with her in the future."

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