Mini Family Photoshoot at Seward Park

Family Sessions

My family photography sessions always begin with a minimum of one-hour, however, today’s family is very busy. Scheduling does often align, so when you can squeeze in a mini family photoshoot at the park before bedtime, it’s time to capture those moments while we can.

Exploring the Park:

This lovely family of three wanted to stick to a shorter session time in order to ensure their toddler wouldn’t tire easily. Time for a mini session or as I like to call them these days – a half session. During our time together, we worked quickly and took advantage of the park’s various spots. A small walking path with water views, lots of gorgeous tree cover to mimic a golden hour look, and then we circled back and ended at the swing set being very careful not to mention it beforehand in case of toddler distractions. These different settings or scenes added depth and variety to their family gallery of photos.

A Natural Playground:

A familiar park can also offer a natural playground for your kids. For this family, they wanted a mini family photoshoot in a section of their neighborhood that was meaningful to them. This South Seattle location is a gem for families and nature seekers alike. Seward Park has one of the best views of Mount Rainier overlooking Lake Washington. With small walking paths, views of the lake, and one of the most fun playgrounds in the city (hello zipline), it provides a good range of photography viewpoints for your family session. Make sure you visit the Seward Park Audobon Center when visiting.

Candid Moments:

Watching the kids climb, swing, and explore and be playful always brings out their true personalities, resulting in those genuine, not forced smiles that parents are always seeking. That’s what I do best. Even though this family was nervous that their toddler wouldn’t last an hour, guess what? He lasted just over an hour. When the kids are having fun, so are you and everyone wins.

Book A Session:

I am currently booking family photography sessions for next year. If you want a session indoors, a studio option is a beautiful way to achieve a family photoshoot without having to worry about the weather outside. Take a peek here at what that could look like. Find my schedule online and book a spot while it’s still available!

with love,
Maria Alcantara