Newborn Extended Family Photos

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As a family photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of documenting countless loving moments for families in Seattle and beyond. One of the most rewarding experiences for me is photographing a newborn extended family session at home. It’s a time filled with love, joy, and the beauty of those first few days at home.

When planning an extended family photoshoot with a baby, the key is to create a relaxed, calm and comfortable environment. Here are some tips to ensure a successful and memorable newborn session:

Cozy Settings for Newborns:

Home is where the heart is, especially with an at home photoshoot. It’s one of the many reasons why I prefer your own home setting for newborn photos. When choosing rooms to feature, look for indirect window light to attract natural light for soft, flattering photos. Sheer window curtains are going to be your best friend to help diffuse any harsh sunlight. Try to remove or hide any cords your photographer may have to photoshop out. Take a bit of time to arrange stuffed animals, books, and keepsake items to add personality to the baby’s room.

Extended Family Photo Outfits:

The family highlighted here has soft colors throughout their home with pops of colorful artwork. I encouraged them to wear Spring colors so that they would coordinate and not compete with their home interior colors. Encourage your extended family members to coordinate their outfits while keeping comfort in mind – mix them up instead of trying to match. Soft colors and cozy fabrics create a harmonious look.

Be Patient and Flexible:

Babies have their own schedules. I’m used to taking breaks throughout a newborn session for diaper changes, feeding schedules, etc. It’s the beauty of being at home in case anything unexpected happens. Try to bring a little bit of calm energy for yourself and the baby. You’re going to want to tap into those chill vibes when when they evolve into toddlers and you reach out to me for a family session.

Capture Multigenerational Bonds:

The beauty of an extended family session is capturing the bonds between different generations. These family photos included visiting grandparents with siblings included – so special! They took turns holding the newborn baby, so we were able to get a variety of tender moments for their family photo gallery.

Remember, the essence of extended family photos with a newborn is to celebrate love, connection, and the beauty of the generations. As a family photographer in Seattle focused on natural interaction, let’s talk about how we can create these kind of memories for your loved ones. Find my updated calendar online and book your session spot with me today.

newborn at home with extended family
with love,
Maria Alcantara