When To Book Your Newborn Photoshoot

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Hello soon-to-be parents! As a Seattle newborn photographer, I’m here to spill the beans on one of the most common questions I get: When is the perfect time to book my newborn photoshoot? Let’s go over some things to consider so that you get the most out of your family photos.

Flexible Scheduling – Babies Have Their Own Timelines Babies are often unpredictable, so I’m ready to flex if necessary. When booking, we’ll tentatively set a date based on your due date. Once your little one arrives, give me a heads-up, and we’ll adjust the schedule accordingly.

Let’s Capture The Details – Tiny Toes and Fingers Newborns change in the blink of an eye. Booking early allows me to freeze precious details – the minuscule fingers, the wrinkly toes, the wisps of baby hair. These moments are fleeting, and my goal is to capture them in all their tiny glory.

Plan Around Mom’s Recovery Let’s not forget about the superhero in this story – mom! It’s essential to consider your own recovery when scheduling the shoot. Booking during a time when you feel comfortable and ready for a bit of camera time is really important. For this family pictured below, we had their photoshoot scheduled two months prior. My client reached out and requested more adjustment time, which I was more than happy to do.

Last-Minute Bookings – It Happens, and That’s Okay Life is unpredictable, and sometimes plans change. If you find yourself reaching out for a newborn photoshoot at the last minute, don’t stress. I’ll do my best to accommodate and capture those beautiful moments whenever they happen.

Seasonal Considerations for Seattle Sweetness Living in Seattle means embracing our unique seasons. If you have a particular season in mind – maybe that cozy fall vibe or the freshness of spring – consider booking accordingly. Let’s plan a photoshoot that aligns with your favorite Seattle backdrop.

Long story short, this is a really intimate, personal time in your parent journey. I’m available to you in a way that feels the most helpful. If you need hair and makeup, I’ll have those contacts. Need help on what to wear? I can put you in touch with my stylist. Need a second eye to prep your home? Let me know ahead of time and I can arrive early to help you get set up. Did I mention this is all included as part of your session fee? Let’s just call it even and consider me your go-to person for all newborn photography requests. Ready to book? I sincerely hope to see you on my schedule one day. Learn more about how I can help you prepare.

newborn lifestyle family photos at home
newborn family photos at home
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