Seattle Style: Easy Family Photoshoot Outfits

Family Sessions

As a Seattle family lifestyle photographer, I really love capturing the unique essence of families against the picturesque backdrop of our vibrant city. For a casual photoshoot in the neighborhood, choosing the right outfits is key to reflecting the authenticity of your family’s lifestyle. Check out this recent family photoshoot photographed near Lake Washington. Their casual, but stylish outfits were perfectly suited for a laid-back yet stylish session in the heart of Seattle.

Seattle-inspired Color Palette:

Seattle’s diverse landscapes, from lush green parks to the urban allure of city streets, offer the perfect canvas for your family photos. Opt for a color palette inspired by the Emerald City itself—soft blues, creams, earthy greens, and hints of gray. These colors not only compliment our surroundings but also create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Pacific Northwest Comfort:

Embrace the comfort and casual elegance that defines the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Think about layers for those breezy days—flannels, cozy sweaters, and denim jackets. Comfortable yet stylish, these outfits allow your family to move freely, allowing you to display those genuine moments of joy and connection.

Seasonal Style Tips:

Living in Seattle means experiencing a variety of seasons. For fall photos, consider rich, warm tones, and cozy textures. In summer, opt for breathable fabrics and light colors to beat the sun while strolling through your favorite neighborhood spots. Let the season guide your fashion choices for a truly authentic feel.

City Chic, Neighborhood Ease:

Strike the perfect balance between city chic and neighborhood ease. Mix and match styles that represent your family’s unique personality. Consider a blend of casual urban wear with a touch of sophistication—perhaps a stylish accessory or an additional statement jacket—to add that extra flair.

Neighborhood Memories:

In the heart of Seattle, your family’s story unfolds against the backdrop of a city that celebrates diversity and individuality. With these easy and stylish outfit ideas, your casual neighborhood photoshoot will not only capture genuine moments but also showcase the vibrant spirit of your family’s lifestyle. Trust your Seattle family lifestyle photographer to freeze these beautiful moments in time, creating memories that reflect the true essence of your family. Interested in an easy neighborhood photoshoot for your family? Find my information and schedule online – all my photoshoots include personal styling assistance!

Styled in collaboration with: Vanessa Campbell / Location: Mount Baker, Seattle, WA.

with love,
Maria Alcantara