Family At Home Candid Photos

The Storyteller

The everyday routines and the candid moments that happen when you’re a family at home. When you invite me to document your life at home, I combine the personality of your family and bring it to life with through photography moments. Let’s talk more about how we created truly candid moments with this young family at home.

Pre-Planned Activities Lead to Candid Moments

You don’t have to plan a bunch of activities for your family during your session time with me, but having a few ideas on hand can go a long way. This family really wanted to capture their toddler’s personality and combine it with motherhood photos to mark Mother’s Day and birthday celebrations. So, what does that look like? After a bit of play time in the living room, my client set out some purchased cakes to eat as a family. We spent a few minutes doing that, then basically followed their toddler’s lead on what to do next.

An Activity That Encourages Quiet Time

Showing a wide range of emotions for your family gallery is really essential. Toddlers can use those breaks, as well as the adults. The nice part of being at home for your family photos is that it allows you to easily switch to a simple, heartfelt activity like reading a favorite book. This is such an easy way to bring out the natural smiles that every parent wants. We’re working together to document your candid, family life at home.

Remember To Stay In The Moment

With toddlers, they are silly, and so inquisitive at this age. Everything is funny and they always want you to play along. This family did such a cute job playing with their son throughout their session time. A simple activity such as washing hands after having cake turned into a naturally playful moment that allowed me to capture those candids my clients seek me out for. Mom decided to turn her son’s dishcloth into a talking object and it easily brought out some giggles. When you get moments like this, stay in it with your kids. Every family photographer would ask you to do this because it allows us to creatively capture those moments from a variety of angles – see the moment that happened on their floating stairs below.

Did We Get The Photo?

Often times, a client will request a particular photo; which I am always happy to deliver. This client really wanted to try to get a photo with her squirmy toddler which was a challenge because he was being extremely playful and active. Again, being at home worked to our advantage because I suggested we switch rooms and go to their son’s room to try some more reading time. It allowed us to get a few more connected family photos before ending their session outside.

Sunny Day Activities

The season was Spring and this was the perfect day to transition outside to end their family session with a favorite family activity. Capturing candid family moments for your family at home is easy when you stay engaged with each other, place the focus on love, connection, and play. This family had sunny weather for their at home photos and it created this beautiful, glowy type of light that dropped fun shadows to create interesting compositions for their images.

Book For Spring or Summer

If you’re still on the fence about booking a family session that feels candid, read through a few more of my blog posts where I talk about a newborn family session, showing off your personal family style, picking a location that feels like your family, or exploring the outdoors with your kids. I’m always ready to offer suggestions, help with you with what to wear, or how to pose or not to pose for your family session. Booking a spot for your family photos is easy. Visit my Storyteller booking page online, choose a date, and I will be in touch shortly thereafter to help you plan. See you soon!

p.s. I was recently interviewed by an online magazine for artists and creatives. Read the article here if you’re interested to learn more about my thought process and my approach to family photography.

with love,
Maria Alcantara