What To Wear For Newborn Family Photos


A question I get asked very frequently for newborn family photos is what to wear? Let’s talk more about why and how you can show up as yourself for your newborn photos. What you choose to wear can be an entire mindset, so let’s break it down from the perspective of a family photographer who has documented many families in Seattle.

If you’re a Mother reading this, please know that the postpartum journey can show up differently for everyone. There should never be any pressure to purchase new outfits for your photoshoot. Let’s take into consideration that most families choose to keep their newborn family photos at home simply for ease of diaper changes, feeding schedules, and helping any siblings feel comfortable. The most important reason is that it’s easy on Mom.

Candid Newborn Moments

One of the reasons why I choose to be a part of the candid family photography community is because it embraces and celebrates all of life’s everyday moments. And this extends to choosing what to wear. For Mom, clothing fits differently after giving birth, so go easy and be kind to yourself. All new Moms have this undeniable glow that is just part of the hormonal process. In other words, you simply can’t go wrong.

For this recent newborn family photoshoot held at the client’s home, they chose to wear comfy, loose, lounge type clothing for their photos. Not only does this set the general mood for me, but it also allows any potential stress in your body to dissipate. Let’s circle back to why candid family photos is just so great – there is no pressure to show up as anyone else but yourself.

What You Wear Is Not Necessarily Who You Are

I’m writing this post to you to give you some inspiration as you search what to wear for newborn family photos, but it’s also for words of encouragement. Be honest with your own personal style. Is it casual? Then, go for an outfit that is the best casual personal version of yourself. Is your style modern or contemporary? Then, go for elevated versions of your everyday outfit to help you feel more special.

What makes every family photoshoot successful is when you choose to honor your true self and decide to document it beautifully with a family photographer. I am always available for sisterly, best friend, fellow Mother, judgement free advice. Remember, that I’m here to embrace the seemingly imperfect parts of your home and yourself and show you that they are actually quite perfect.

Newborn family photos are some of my favorite types of occasions to document, especially for my fellow Seattle families during the Spring and Winter months. Visit my online schedule and book directly to secure your spot on my family calendar.

with love,
Maria Alcantara