Colorful Family Photos At Home In Seattle

The Storyteller

If you have a home with eclectic taste, let’s talk about how much fun it can be to show off your true colors right at home in Seattle. When it comes to family photos, there’s something special about documenting colorful family photos right within your own home. Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods offer various interior designs, from modern to vintage, ideal for colorful portraits.

The Creative Brief For This Family

For this family session, they wanted to highlight their love for colorful interiors. We discussed my client’s vision for family photos. She mentioned wanting to show color and wear colorful outfits. Many of my clients have a creative background or career, so it’s fun to connect with like-minded individuals who share my love of design. Your home is the canvas for your unique family story and I’m always excited to help it come to life through photos!

The best part of this family photoshoot was entering their home and seeing their colorful touches of personality everywhere. We focused on their kitchen, living room, bedroom, and outside deck, capturing their daily routines. When a family is this comfortable, guiding them through the photoshoot scene by scene is effortless.

Family Photos Are Colorful Through Play

They played, interacted, and followed their toddler’s lead during the session, gently transitioning to favorite activities. When I feel we have enough photos in each house location, I ask if they’re ready to move on. With young kids, play, silliness, and fun games can easily make them laugh.

So, if you’re ready to show off your colorful home and add some personality to your family photos, I would encourage you to book a session right at home in Seattle. We’ll collaborate to capture moments that tell your unique story, surrounded by the vibrant hues and cozy vibes that make Seattle living so special.

Let’s turn your colorful family photo dreams into reality—because life is too short for dull moments! Check my easy online booking link for my current availability – see you soon!

colorful family photos at home in seattle
family at colorful home in seattle
with love,
Maria Alcantara