5 Reasons to Book Spring Family Photos Before the Fall Rush


Now, I get it. Fall is incredibly beautiful with its warm colors and cozy vibes. But here are 5 reasons to book Spring family photos before the Fall rush kicks in. It might just be the best decision you make this year!

If you’re like me, you probably treasure those family photos that capture the kids at all the adorable stages—seeing the world through their eyes, tiny outfits, and the little quirks that make your family unique. And what better time to freeze those memories than during the freshness of spring?

Spring Golden Hour Is Earlier

With sunset times beginning earlier in the Spring, grabbing that soft golden light for your family photos gets way easier in the springtime. It’s perfect for families with smaller babies, or toddlers when you really want the golden hour look but also want to preserve bedtime schedules!

Spring Brings All the Flowers

Spring also just happens to be when everything is blooming – literally! From tiny white daisy flowers to colorful wildflower fields, the backdrop options for your photoshoots are endless. Imagine your family framed by a sea of florals, each photo a work of art that captures the vibrant beauty of the season.

Avoid the Summer Crowds

When the sun really sticks around in Seattle—it gets real busy. And then when Fall rolls around, everyone suddenly remembers they need those perfect family photos for holiday cards and gifts. Booking your session in the Spring means you beat the rush. No need to worry about crowded parks, beaches, or busy schedules. You get first dibs on the best dates and locations!

Comfort is Key

Seattle families, I’m looking at you! We know how unpredictable the weather can be here. Spring offers us milder temps, making it the perfect time to get outdoors without the worry of being too hot or too cold – layers are key. Plus, you can pull those laidback, comfortable outfits that truly reflect your family’s personality.

Document New Beginnings

Spring is all about renewal and new beginnings. Whether you’re celebrating a newborn addition to the family, marking kiddo milestones, or just wanting to capture the joy of your family, Spring photoshoots capture that sense of everything is new again and optimism. Your family photos will radiate that fresh, vibrant energy that’s perfect for showcasing your family’s authentic story.

Ready to capture the magic of Spring with your loved ones? Reach out to your friendly Seattle family photographer (that’s me!) today and let’s make some photo magic happen!

Photographed at the beautiful Discovery Park located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. The first image of this series was featured in Heartful Magazine in their 2024 Spring issue. The magazine is a publication dedicated to showcasing family photographers from all over the world – I’m so honored that one of my photos was included in this year’s issue.

heartful magazine feature maria alcantara
with love,
Maria Alcantara