Toddler Family Photoshoot

The Storyteller

Hey there, fellow parents and photography enthusiasts! If you’ve ever attempted to take family photos with a silly toddler in tow, you know that it’s an adventure like no other. But don’t fret, because today, we’re diving into the adorable world of capturing those wonderful family moments.

family photoshoot at discovery park

discovery park family photos

Embrace the silly

First things first, embrace the silliness! Toddlers are masters of the unexpected, and their goofy antics can lead to some of the most memorable and heartwarming photos. Instead of fighting it, roll with the silliness and let it shine through in your family photos.

Capturing their quirkiness

Silly toddlers are full of quirks and expressions that make them unique. Don’t be afraid to capture these quirky moments. Whether it’s a goofy grin, a funny dance, or an unexpected pose, these shots will be cherished for years to come. They might even turn out to be some of your favorite photos.

Play their games

Engage your toddler in playful games during the photoshoot. Peek-a-boo, tickle fights, and funny faces can bring out their natural silliness and result in genuine smiles and laughter. They’ll end up rewarding you with a quick hug to show their appreciation. Toddlers have vivid imaginations, and they can turn even the most ordinary objects into props for a silly adventure. Encourage their creativity and let them lead the way.

Embrace imperfection

Finally, remember that family photos with a toddler won’t always turn out perfect. And that’s perfectly fine because I do candid photos. Embrace the imperfections, the blurry shots, and the goofy faces. These are the moments that truly capture the essence of your family.

In the end, family photos with a toddler are all about celebrating the joy, spontaneity, and laughter that your little one brings into your life. So, cherish the silliness, and revel in the wonderful chaos of parenthood. Your family photo album will be filled with treasured memories that reflect the true spirit of your loving and silly family.

Photographed at Discovery Park located in Magnolia, Seattle, WA. Interested in booking a family session with me? Check out my package options, and then send me an inquiry online.

with love,
Maria Alcantara