Your Style in Family Photos

The Storyteller

In this new blog post, I’m talking about the art of showing your unique style in family photos. Recently, I had fun spending time at a studio in Seattle, documenting casual family moments for a stylish family of four. What sets this family apart is their commitment to wearing their everyday aesthetic in the photos. If you’re aiming to achieve a similar vibe for your family photos this year, here are some key insights to consider.

First, think about the outfits that best represent your style. Additionally, consider the location and how it fits your aesthetic. Moreover, think about how the surroundings can enhance your overall look. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to incorporate personal elements that tell your family’s story. By paying attention to these details, you can create photos that are not only beautiful but also uniquely yours. Consequently, your family photos will stand out and truly reflect your personal style.

Coordinate, Don’t Match.

Coordination is key to showcasing style in family photos. Instead of matching outfits, choose coordinated color schemes and textures. This highlights each family member’s individuality. Notice how this family creates the impression of coordination. Yet, they cleverly swapped tops and accessories to showcase their individual styles. This approach allows for a harmonious look while still celebrating each person’s unique fashion sense.

Consider Location and Theme.

Align your style choices with the photoshoot location and theme for a cohesive visual narrative. For instance, this family opted for an all-white, floor-to-ceiling photography studio with an open-concept design, complete with furniture. Consequently, their choice allowed them to seamlessly integrate their outfits while aligning perfectly with their existing style. As a result, the photos exude a unified and stylish aesthetic that reflects their unique fashion sense.

Opt for Editorial Poses.

Choosing the perfect family photographer who shares your style vision is akin to discovering a trusted confidant. Partner with an editorial-style photographer to beautifully capture your family’s unique style, blending seamlessly with your home decor and lifestyle.

Book the Photoshoot.

As a Seattle family photographer who is excited to create memorable images, I love capturing your family’s unique style. Take a look at my family portfolio work online, and if you decide that my work aligns with your aesthetic, let’s collaborate!

Reach out to schedule your editorial-style family photoshoot and let’s create art together! Visit my easy online booking page which always has my updated schedule.

with love,
Maria Alcantara