What To Wear For Summer Family Photos


Hello people of Seattle who have been looking forward to sunny weather for months! Did you know that Summer is the perfect time for taking those candid moments with your loved ones? As a Seattle family photographer that like to focus on candid images, I’ve got some tips on what to wear to make your summer family photos look amazing and effortless.

Wear Light Fabrics for Summer

The last thing you want to have happen in your family photos is end up with clothes that don’t feel like Summer. Set yourself up for success and go with light, breathable fabrics. The kids will love you for it too as they jump, play, and move freely throughout your session.

Stick to a Soft Color Palette

Soft, natural colors look fantastic in summer photos. At the same time, thing about incorporating some fun colors like yellows, light blues, and greens. These shades go well with the lush greenery and bright skies of Seattle beautifully. When deciding what to wear for summer family photos, avoid dressing one family member in overly bright colors. Instead, distribute the colors throughout your family so they have a harmonious feel – see family photo two below!

Be Yourself

Dear reader, this is probably the most important tip of them all! If you’re feeling awkward, overly stiff, or unsure of yourself in front of my camera – not to worry. I have some tried and true methods that will help break the ice, and have you feeling at ease again. Your family’s unique dynamic and genuine interactions are what make candid photos so special. Enjoying the connection time with your loved ones – that’s what I’m looking to capture.

Easy online booking

Summer family photos are all about capturing those late summer sunsets, and the gleeful spirit of school being out for the kids. By keeping your outfits light, comfy, and true to your personal style, I promise that your photos will be a true reflection of your family’s style. As a family photographer focused on creating photos that feel like you, I want you to end up with photos you will want to frame and reflect back on.

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extended family photoshoot at washington arboretum
with love,
Maria Alcantara