Candid Family Photography in Seattle


Is candid photography completely led by the family? Very often, yes. However, it doesn’t always have to be all on you to make those moments happen. If you feel like you need a little bit of help to bring out family personalities like this, I have about a dozen non-cheesy photo prompts that always work. As a photographer specializing in candid family photography in Seattle, I’ve photographed families in almost every type of location and setting.

Embracing Authenticity: The Beauty of Candid Family Photos

On the day of your family photoshoot, the location and outfits are pre-planned. It can be hard to “just be yourself,” but it’s worth it to let go. Letting go means accepting that your family and kids will be themselves if you allow the moments to unfold naturally. For this blended family photoshoot, my client wanted to capture her family as a whole. They have four girls, each with different ages, personalities, and attitudes. This exemplifies candid family photography in Seattle—embracing the uniqueness of each family and capturing genuine moments.

Incorporate Action to Highlight Motion for Candid Family Photos

Their girls really wanted flowers for their photoshoot. Although they requested daisies, they settled for tall green grass and yellow buttercup wildflowers. Therefore, we suggested the girls braid their hair and play with flower daisy chains. This simple summer activity helped them embrace the environment and forget about my camera. There are many ways to set a mood for your family photoshoot, but it ultimately depends on participation and family connection.

Embrace the Mood

Your family photos don’t have to be perfect; they can be truly authentic. Candid family photography embraces the nuances, imperfections, mood shifts, joy, and personality of your kids. Since your kids do what they want during the shoot, embrace their mood. Redirecting them into planned poses would erase their personality and self-perception in the photos.

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As someone passionate about ensuring that your family photos reflect your family’s true essence, not just what’s seen on social media, I hope you can appreciate the beauty in these images. The family outfits, setting, timing, and flower activity were pre-planned, but the rest unfolded naturally as the family’s mood shifted and changed. Candid family photography is all about embracing this flow. It’s as natural as it gets.

Visit me online to see more of my work with families in Seattle. If you feel like this is the style of family photos that feels right for your loved ones, book with me directly online. I look forward to meeting you!

Location: Snoqualmie, Washington. Season: Late Spring. Time of Day: Late afternoon

candid seattle family photographer

candid seattle family photographer

candid seattle family photographer

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