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One of my favorite outdoor sessions this Summer happened with this mother and daughter duo. They were willing and enthusiastic about shooting during golden hour at Discovery Park in Seattle – my favorite time of day! Golden hour is essentially about an hour just before the sun sets. Think sun rays, soft golden skin tones, golden hair halos, and spots of beautiful prismatic sun rays touching everything it sees. It is arguably the most popular time for family photographers to shoot and Discovery Park is alive with family photographers roaming to find their ideal spot for their Seattle families.

What I also find about shooting during golden hour is that families feel more relaxed, and affectionate. Perhaps it’s the magic of being outdoors in nature, or just the simple feeling you get when you see that golden light. I know for me personally, it feels like the most romantic part of the day. It’s the absolute perfect time for me to ask my families to snuggle, get in close, whisper their favorite funny saying in their Mom or Dad’s ear, talk about how much they love each other and show gratitude.

During a certain time of the year, wildflowers bloom at Discovery Park and it’s truly a magical time. After a recent family session, we found vibrant Summer wildflowers blooming in specific areas of the park, so we made a date to come back and capture some beautiful images before they disappeared. I’m so glad we did because these family photos turned out to be some of my favorite photos all Summer! This energetic six-year old little girl was my spirit animal and gave me so much silliness, laughter, smiles that I was having a hard time choosing which photos to edit. Her face simply lit up every time she laughed. She kept jumping in place so I went with that energy and asked her to show me her absolute best jump!

Following the light during golden hour is something you will actively see me do when you book me for a Full Session or a Mini Session. As the sun begins to set, I carefully watch the sun and when I see it start to disappear in the spot we’ve chosen to take pictures in you will find me saying that it’s time to move. A change of scenery, brighter sun, I adjust my camera settings if necessary, and then we can create some more magical family photos. The above photo was taken in a popular open field spot that sits right above a beach view in Discovery Park. This is truly golden hour personified, so we moved quickly to capture as many photos as we could. With all of our poses taken care of at the beginning of the session, we were able to capture some relaxed, fun Mother and Daughter interactive time.

A favorite family pose that I like to use is to have their child “kiss” noses with either Mom or Dad. I love that time when kids are silly and watch their eyes light up when they interact closely with their parents. This is beautiful connection time for the parent and their child. I find that this pose naturally leads to snuggles, hugs, laughter and that is where I am actively snapping away to capture those candid images that are so popular with my families. Booking a Full Session for your family is a wonderful way to allow your kids to open up and show off their personality during the session. It allows for more time to play, have fun and it helps to build a fun memory for your family.

with love,
Maria Alcantara

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