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Any experienced photographer will be enthusiastic to talk to any of their clients about shooting during golden hour light. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to witness some of the most beautiful sunsets; although I’m always partial to the gorgeous California sunsets that I grew up with. In the Summertime, the sun sets later and for early bedtime schedules that can be challenging. However, as we edge closer to Fall, the sun sets earlier and that makes for an ideal time to schedule a family photography session.

A children's portrait of a little boy playing in field at Discovery Park near Magnolia, Seattle

Meeting kids and children where they’re at is my preference in terms of how they will react to being photographed outside just before bedtime. I always tell my families to eat a good meal before meeting me for a session, and potentially consider arriving a bit early and enjoying their surroundings before our start time. This also allows kids a chance to warm up (bring a change of clothes so you don’t have to stress about them getting dirty right before the photo shoot) before taking photos and gives them a chance to run around a bit and get out some wiggle time or jumping time depending on the energy level of your child. Mine is extremely energetic and is a joy to photograph because of how much he moves his body. Exhausting, but so much fun!

A children's portrait of a little boy running in field at Discovery Park near Magnolia, Seattle

Just before Fall, most Seattle Family photographers I know begin to book and plan ahead early for all their Fall and Holiday sessions. Christmas and New Year’s will be here before we know it (where did the year go?), so if you’re thinking about printing some Christmas and Holiday cards, reach out to me and let’s talk about some options for a family session. Printing your photos is always an option through my website store when you receive your gallery. Lots of established Seattle photographers will be receiving messages and emails from their past client list, so make sure you don’t lose a chance at grabbing some beautiful photos before the end of the year!

with love,
Maria Alcantara

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