Family Road Trip Photos in New Mexico

Family Sessions

Dear readers, if you’re considering a family road trip adventure, take my advice: go for it! It pays to embrace the chaos, the unexpected moments that occur, and the love and joy of your family being together. Being on the road less traveled often creates the best stories to tell. Are you ready to see photos from this New Mexico family car adventure?

The open road is not just about the destination, but also the journey that it takes to get there. Road trip adventures can be so fun when the kids are of a certain age, and the promise of bonding is a lifelong memory. This family photoshoot included their beloved vintage Toyota Land Cruiser car for their desert photoshoot adventure. Real stories make for authentic photography and storytelling, and this family was so easy going. Their car broke down in the middle of the photoshoot, so we had to abandon the idea of finishing their session at a second location.

Working on fixing and starting their car became part of their story, so we pivoted to expand the story. As they worked on the car, we pulled aside Mom and the kids for some easy games on the open desert road. It always helps to keep kids spirits high, and positive throughout a photo session. This can be quickly achieved, by redirecting the scenario. For this family, we used the desert road as their runway because kids are always up for some movement.

So, if you ever find yourself itching for a family adventure, grab your loved ones, pick a direction, and just go! Who knows what funny stories await you on the open road? Plus, I’m always available to document your family adventure session. Visit my schedule and session options online. See you on the road fellow wanderers!

Photographed for the The Whole Artist Workshop in Taos, New Mexico. Styled and led by: Natalie Gildersleeve.

with love,
Maria Alcantara