Couples Photoshoot at Mount Si, North Bend

Couples Sessions

This blog post is for the hopeless romantics and adventure seekers. We’re about to take a peek into a romantic couples photoshoot that took place in the heart of nature near Mount Si located in North Bend, Washington.

Set the scene

Picture this: a Fall sunset ready to disappear behind the trees, and majestic Mount Si standing tall in the background. It’s the kind of setting that really comes alive during golden hour. And guess what? The mountain begins to flash a variety of colors as the sun begins to descend.

My gorgeous deeply in love couple, radiated happiness as they held hands, laughed, and shared some playful moments. It was a breeze to capture genuine emotion with these two. There’s no need for posed perfection; it’s all about capturing the authenticity of their new couple love.

The outfits

The couple’s choice of outfits perfectly complemented the casual outdoor vibe – note how her dress perfectly matched the mountain when it turned purple. The beauty of outdoor couples photoshoots is that they allow couples to be themselves. There’s no need for formal wear or extravagant props – just pure, candid love.

This couple wanted to bring a cowboy hat as an accessory, so we made it part of their couples photoshoot. I asked her to be playful with the hat and tease her partner and try to steal it away from him. This quick and easy prompt produced some genuine laughs and smiles. I’m always here to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you need help or ideas on what to do when it’s just the two of you out there, I’m happy to jump in and suggest some natural prompts that will help break the ice.

Take cues from nature

So, if you’re considering a romantic couples photoshoot, take a cue from this sweet couple’s photoshoot adventure. Find a picturesque spot, be yourselves, bring some fun accessories to play with, and let the magic of nature do the rest. After all, when love is in the air, every frame becomes a piece of art, capturing a love story that’s as wild and beautiful as the landscapes that surround it.

with love,
Maria Alcantara