Why It’s Never Too Late for Engagement Photos

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Seattle couples! Today, I’m writing about why it’s never too late for engagement photos as a couple. You might be thinking, “But wait, we’re already married!” Well, guess what? It’s never too late to capture your sweet sweet love, even if the “I dos” have already been said. To be clear, the couple pictured below are already married, but military life had plans, so they never had a chance to getting wedding photos!

Here’s the scene: You and your partner, strolling a spot you love to visit in Seattle, with water views in the background. Wear that gorgeous dress that you never got to wear or maybe you want to try something that feels more modern. I always say that every photoshoot with a client is a collaborative process, and this photoshoot was a perfect example.

As a couples photographer in Seattle, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing couples at all stages of their lives. And let me tell you, the love and connection that I get to witness through during these sessions makes my heart so happy. It makes me want to immediately schedule a date night with my husband!

So, why should you book a couples session for post-wedding photos? Here are a few reasons:

Celebrate Your Journey

Your love story didn’t start at “I do.” It began with those first few moments of early dates, flirty text messages, whispered moments, and quiet conversations. Getting photos after marriage is a sweet way to honor and celebrate your love story.

Romantic Photos to Remember

Remember those butterflies in your stomach when you first knew they were it? Those stolen glances and inside jokes? A couples session allows you to relive those cherished moments and capture new memories together. For this couples session, I played music to help set the mood and help them feel at comfortable in front of the camera.

Renew Your Vows (in a Photo Session)

I simply love this idea! You can literally create the rules as to how you want your photoshoot to look like – this couple definitely did. We began their photos at COMO restaurant in Kirkland, WA – the spot where they had their engagement dinner. We then continued their photoshoot outside along the Carillon Point waterfront to create some variety and interest and give them space to move around a bit more.

Simply Because You Want To!

Ultimately, the best reason to get post-wedding photos is because you can! Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary, a surpise proposal, or simply because you just found a Seattle couples photographer who is willing and ready to entertain any idea you dream of, the decision is yours.

So, if you’re in Seattle or planning a visit, why not seize the opportunity to create some memories with your partner? As an experienced couples photographer, I’m here to make the process easy, fun, and not awkward or cheesy.

Ready to take the leap? Let’s chat about your dream session!

Cheers to love, Maria Seattle Couples Photographer

Looking for a Seattle couples photographer to capture your love story? Get in touch with me to schedule your post-wedding engagement session!

engagement photos at carillon point kirkland
with love,
Maria Alcantara