Vintage Car Joshua Tree Photoshoot

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Are you a fan of vintage cars, the great outdoors, and female empowerment? Then you’re going to love this female adventure vintage car photoshoot in Joshua Tree, California.

Joshua Tree National Park is a stunning location that features unique rock formations, desert landscapes, and stunning sunsets. It’s no wonder that it’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike. Respecting the environment and surrounding landscapes, we wanted to showcase the beauty of Joshua Tree and combine it with the elegance and nostalgia of a classic 70’s vintage car. After scouting for the perfect spot, we a location and a stunning vintage car from Palm Springs Classic Cars to complement our models.

Two females sitting in vintage car at Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Two females posing in front of vintage car in Joshua Tree, California.

Our crew consisted of all female creatives each with their own creative style and point of view. This was our first workshop photography retreat that we put together as a group of Seattle photographers. My vision for this photoshoot was to showcase the strength and beauty of women while also highlighting the timeless beauty of vintage cars.

Our models wore vintage-inspired outfits that perfectly matched the aesthetic of the car. We wanted to create a classic, timeless look that would look stunning in any era, but also accurately reference a nod to pulp fiction novels.

Blonde female wearing red jacket laying down inside vintage car smoking cigarette.

Two females posing on boulder rocks in Joshua Tree National Park in California.

The shoot started early in the late afternoon to capture the beauty of the desert sunset and avoid the crowds that often flock to Joshua Tree during the day. After storyboarding the photoshoot the night before, we guided the models through a variety of movement and poses with the car against stunning backdrops that included giant boulders, cacti, and desert landscapes.

As the day went on, we captured the changing light and shadows as the sun moved across the sky. The soft, warm light of the golden hour created a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly complemented the vintage aesthetic.

Two females sitting in vintage car with headlights on at night in Joshua Tree National Park.

We also captured candid shots of the models interacting with the car and exploring the stunning natural surroundings. We wanted to showcase the sense of adventure and freedom that comes with exploring the great outdoors.

Two females kicking dirt in front of car headlights in Joshua Tree National Park.

In conclusion, this female adventure vintage car photoshoot in Joshua Tree was an incredible experience that brought together the beauty of nature, vintage cars, and female empowerment. I hope that these photos inspire others to embrace their sense of adventure and explore the beauty of the world around them.

with love,
Maria Alcantara