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Have you considered exploring an urban city session for your family photos? This year, I ventured into spots closer to home that presented a unique atmosphere compared to the usual scenes in family sessions. In the heart of Seattle, historic urban architecture thrives, offering a colorful and dynamic backdrop. One of the reasons why I love a city photoshoot is because it boasts a variety of hidden gems, interesting corners, iconic landmarks, and charming neighborhood businesses.

Charming Streets and Alleys

One of my favorite spots for family photos is nestled away from the towering city buildings of downtown Seattle. Upon this family’s request, we ventured to explore historic Georgetown neighborhood in an effort to capture a fresh perspective for their annual family photos. In a city evolving rapidly, the joy of discovering fragments of Old Seattle that exhibit nostalgia and charm feels fresh and new to me. The old architecture, complimented by lengthy brick alleyways was the perfect scene for an urban playground! The entire experience was a unique blend of old-world charm, seamlessly aligning with their fun-loving personalities and contemporary style.

Go For The Treats

Opting for a neighborhood spot for family photos has the added benefit of incorporating a promised treat at the end. We initiated the photoshoot by encouraging their boys to expend their energy through play with their parents; a highly recommended approach for infusing a playful feel into family photos. Following a brief stroll down the street, we concluded the photoshoot at a delightful local ice cream shop! This family maintained a relaxed attitude, allowing their boys to get a bit messy. By the way, if you ever get a chance to visit Georgetown in Seattle, don’t forget to pay Matcha Man Ice Cream & Taiyaki a visit.

Your Family In The City

The city offers a wide variety of unique family photo spots to capture the essence of your loved ones in photographs. Either exploring urban landscapes or seeking out cultural murals and backdrops, I’m always eager to discover spots that contribute to telling your authentic family story. Find me online to inquire about booking a family photoshoot with me. I’m always ready for an urban city adventure!

Family photoshoot in alley way near Georgetown neighborhood.

Family photoshoot outside Matcha Man Ice Cream in Georgetown neighborhood.

Fall family photoshoot near Georgetown, Seattle.

with love,
Maria Alcantara