City Couple Pioneer Square Seattle Photoshoot

Couples Sessions

Looking for some ideas for your next couples photoshoot? Try searching around your neighborhood or your local city for interesting spots or places that mean something to you. I recently did a quick neighborhood walk around the city with this cute couple on a weekday afternoon. Weeknights are always preferred when taking photos in an area that’s normally so busy. Go grab a coffee, drinks, or dinner afterwards and turn it into a date night.

For this session, we decided to keep the mood casual. I asked them to show up simply as themselves. Normally I ask all my clients to show up with a least a couple of clothing items that can move freely because it adds interest and movement to their photos, but this particular couple did a great job dressing for the weather. Also, I really love her long, red hair. As you can see, it acted as the element of movement that always builds emotion for photos.

Working with couples gives me so much life and energy. I really just love working with all my client’s closely to make sure we’re achieving the vision you’re dreaming of. Bring me all your ideas and let’s come up with something together that lights you up and makes you feel like it’s something you would actually do in real life. After all, these are your photos so you should feel comfortable 100% of the time. It’s my job to help you achieve those natural, carefree, couple images you see everywhere. Maybe you saw a scene from your favorite movie or music video that made you happy? Send it to me or pin some images that inspire and make you happy. Better yet, send me an inquiry and let’s book a couple or engagement session that you’ll want to print, save, share, and frame.

with love,
Maria Alcantara

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