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If you’re nervous about documenting your maternity body in a photoshoot, let’s talk about what could feel right for you. A modern maternity photoshoot in a studio setting might be just the thing. In the past couple of years, social media has been flooded with maternity photos, and I get requests like: I don’t want my photos to feel cheesy, I just want them to feel like us, etc. I totally get it. I personally did not document my own maternity phase, but there is a way to capture that radiant glow of pregnancy in a way that doesn’t feel awkward. As a Seattle maternity photographer, I’ve seen how modern maternity photos can instantly light up my clients and help them feel like themselves.

Maternity Photos In Studio

First off, why a studio, you might ask? Well, studios offer a controlled environment where we can play with lighting, and backgrounds to create editorial, magazine-worthy shots. Especially here in Seattle where our weather can be…unpredictable, a studio ensures we have a cozy, dry space to work our photography magic. The best part is that it’s private so you can feel free to try some bare belly photos.

Modern Maternity Feels Editorial

Now, when I talk about “modern” maternity photos, I’m looking at long lines, elegant, and sometimes edgy shots that really highlight the beauty of your pregnancy. Think soft fabrics that drape around your bump, diffused natural light that accentuates your curves, and minimalist settings that keep the focus solely on you and your little one. For this photoshoot, we split their maternity session and did an outfit change for outside city photos.

Maternity Outfits

Keep it simple. A solid, neutral-colored outfit that compliments works perfect. Maxi dresses, fitted tops, or even tasteful lingerie can work wonders.

Capturing the Connection

And let’s not forget about partners and siblings! Modern maternity photography isn’t just about the mom-to-be. It’s about capturing the love, excitement, and anticipation of the entire family. So, if you’ve got a partner or little ones, I’ll make sure to incorporate them into the photos after we’ve captured some mama portraits.

Book Your Seattle Maternity Photoshoot Today!

If you’re ready to create timeless, modern maternity photos that you’ll cherish forever, let’s chat! As an experienced Seattle maternity photographer, I’m here to make this process as easy as possible. Whether you want a bold, artistic look or a soft, dreamy vibe, together we’ll create beautiful photos for this time in your life.

Don’t wait until your due date is around the corner. Plan ahead–28-36 weeks is an ideal time for photos. Find my updated booking schedule online where you can reserve your date in advance.

Photographed in February at Neuhaus Studio and Occidental Square in Seattle.

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couples maternity photos in seattle

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