Is Family Photography Worth It?

Family Sessions

Honestly? I used to think that family photography was not worth the expense. When I had my son, I couldn’t find anyone that I felt connected to. I searched for a family photographer here in Seattle, but the people that came up were just not hitting for me in terms of style, editing, or composition – sound familiar?

My Origin Of Family Photography

So, I decided to pick up a camera and teach myself how to take the photos that I wanted to see of my son. Through that, I discovered that I loved the process of nailing his spontaneity. The ones where he wasn’t looking at the camera because that’s what I connected with. The little quirks, his silliness, you know – all of it.

What’s the point? Is family photography worth it? The point is, having a good experience with family photography is often about who you connect with. That’s the secret to make it all worthwhile. To make sense of taking the time to get out the door, to choose outfits that make you feel special, and to actually hire someone you love. It doesn’t have to be me, but if it is, then yes I would be honored to take your family photos.

Candid Lifestyle Photographer

What I do is a little bit different that what other Seattle family photographers do. I specialize in candid, lifestyle, often documentary photos that feel like your everyday moments. What was missing when I took photos of my baby was ME. I was never in the frame. Trust me when I say that this is a major regret of mine. I so wish that I had been in the frame playing with my son just like the pictures below. If you hire me, I promise you that I will capture your moments, not someone else’s. I’ll support you along the way, offer encouraging words, and laugh along with your kids. That’s me and that’s what I do for families here in Seattle and beyond. So, is family photography worth it? See the photos from this studio family session below and let me know what you think? Find my booking schedule online through my website.

Photographed at the beautiful Indie Studio located in Pioneer Square, Seattle. See more of my family portfolio work online, read a little more about me, then book a family session!

with love,
Maria Alcantara