How To Take Creative Family Photos: Seattle Family Photographer


While the standard family outfits and locations can be fun, thinking outside the box can be even more fun when you specifically tailor it to your family style. Indoor family photos can be creative if you’re willing to try something new to elevate your family photoshoot experience, whether you’re in Seattle or the sunny landscapes of Palm Springs, California.

Palm Springs Playground:

For this eclectic family, we chose a local bar in the desert due to the extreme heat temps outside. During the months of July, August, and September, it’s only possible to do family photos indoors. After having spent some time here last year, we came up with the idea to hold a photoshoot inside a bar in the daytime. With the bar’s permission, we chose a date and time to meet and do a quick photoshoot among the vintage back of this historic, retro bar.

Candid Moments:

We stepped away from posed shots and embraced the spontaneity of the guaranteed candid moments that naturally occur with a toddler. To keep her entertained and engaged, her parents brought Barbie dolls and toys to interact with. This can be an easy way to put a timestamp on your family photoshoot to mark this phase of life.

Let’s Get Creative:

Whether you’re in the urban playground of Seattle or basking in the warmth of Palm Springs, thinking outside the box for your family photoshoot can result in some really fun photos. Connect with a skilled photographer who understands your vision and can turn your family’s unique story into a visual story. After all, it’s the moments of spontaneity and creativity that make family photos truly special.

Even though I’m based in Seattle, Washington, find me online and request a traveling family photoshoot. I’m always happy and yearning to seek out my next family photo adventure.

Location: The Copper Room, Yucca Valley, California / Season: August, 2023

with love,
Maria Alcantara