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Family Sessions

Let’s talk about the many benefits of scheduling a studio session for your family and couple photos, portraits, and milestones. We don’t ever have to worry about the weather. If you’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest long enough and if you’ve ever been rained out on your scheduled photoshoot day, I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate this important benefit.

For this particular family, they had an adorable baby that had a Winter December birthday – hello my fellow Sags! Capturing family photos for them in December outside in Seattle would have potentially been stressful trying to make sure everyone was warm and that we timed the photoshoot perfectly around the rapidly changing weather. I proposed a modern white floor studio vibe for their family session that would match their style and aesthetic (so important!). This particular studio space is large which is perfect for families with older kids and so that they don’t feel so confined into a smaller space. The white floors here are a favorite because they act as a natural reflector for skin tones, plus clothing colors pop against the blank neutral space. Large, tall windows offer plenty of natural lighting which is key for a Winter photoshoot.

My client really wanted to achieve candid photos for her family photos and of course, that is my specialty. When families and couples give me complete creative freedom to capture their story, it really allows me to move freely and create with intention. Can we also have a moment for beautifully they pulled their outfits together? A gorgeous mix of dark neutral colors and tiny patterns completely elevated their look for a classic family portrait. The best part? Their photos will never go out of style and will still look great years from now. Every client has access to my personal styling service that helps you coordinate and pick colors for every single member of your family + the service links those outfit choices to the retailer selling them. It’s just one of the cute perks when you choose to work with me.

Remember how I mentioned that their baby was having a milestone December birthday? Since my client booked an hour session, we were able to squeeze in these adorable baby photos with a balloon and a first birthday cake. You guys, the cuteness level felt in the studio that morning was out of control. One of the best parts of being a family photographer is that I get to live vicariously through you all with all your adorable kids and babies!

This family portrait session was my last family session for 2022. I pride myself on being able to work with just about every type of personality, but it’s always extra sweet when I can work with a family that I really connect with. If you’re looking for a classic, minimal, family or couple portrait session in a studio environment reach out to me through my website. Better yet, just book a hour spot through my online booking Storyteller session page. Studios like these are always available and ready to go during Winter months and early Spring. Feel free to bring outfit change options like this family did and even your favorite music playlist.

Photo location: Northlight Studios, Seattle, WA

with love,
Maria Alcantara

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