Family At Home in Taos New Mexico

Family Sessions

When it comes to Motherhood, every milestone deserves to be celebrated and remembered. One timeless way to preserve these family memories is through the art of lifestyle family photography. A relaxed family session at home with your children can be so beautiful. It captures all the real life events and moments in an editorial and candid style.

A glimpse into your life

The daily routines you have at home with your family at home can be captured in a beautiful way. For this particular mother and baby photo session, a favorite family activity was planned. This family really enjoys the ritual of making tea together. The Mother is a talented pottery maker, so we used her own ceramics for this heartwarming part of their story.

Preserve the real story

When we can incorporate some authenticity into your family photos, it makes your photo gallery that much more special. This also really helps families relax behind the camera. A sweet song, a favorite book, cooking a meal together – these are all a quick and easy way to ensure your kids will feel familiar and comfortable during our photo time together.

Celebrate the journey

The beauty of capturing lifestyle family at home photos, is that they truly capture the authenticity of who you are. There’s a certain rhythm to your day with your family and that is what I aim to capture. Through these photographs, we honor the journey, celebrate the love, and create a lasting legacy for generations to come. This family session was photographed at the beautiful Many Feathers ranch house located in Taos, New Mexico with The Whole Artist Retreat.

To book an at home family photo session, simply visit me online through my booking page.

with love,
Maria Alcantara