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Summertime is one of the best times to capture family photos with your loved ones. There are so many reasons why this time of year in Seattle is best for photos, but here’s a few of my favorite reasons.

  1. The weather is consistent. You can dress them up in those cute Summery outfits you’ve been saving.
  2. The kids are out of school. Don’t stress about their bedtime. Being in the outdoors is so fun for kids.
  3. Fall is a really busy time for family photographers. Take care of your photos earlier in the year.
  4. Avoid rescheduling your family session when the rain begins to come back in the Fall.
Family sitting in wildflower field kissing baby Discovery Park

Seattle family photographers dislike reschedules just as much as families do. We sincerely wish we could do photoshoots outside all year ’round here in the Pacific Northwest. Scheduling your family photos during the milder months is highly recommended for lighting and to keep everyone happy.

I highly encourage families to contact me as soon as possible to reserve your desired time and day before the rush of new clients, people visiting Seattle finds me online. The mantra for every Seattle photographer is: book now, and pay your deposit to hold your date.

Mother smiling at camera holding baby in wildflower field Discovery Park

Discovery Park located in the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle, is a gorgeous spot to capture your family photos. Last Summer, I ran an online education session for Unraveled Academy to discuss how I run a family session. I discussed creative composition, framing your subjects, and camera settings for new family photographers. It was great fun with this adorable family that brought their baby all the way from Bainbridge Island. They were one of my first families that hired me for family photos.

These pictures are a lovely preview of what your family session could look like. Be yourself in the front of the camera and interact with each other as much as possible, and you’ll get the same results as this family did. As always, clothing is such an important factor as to what makes beautiful classic photos. The theme for this shoot was casual summer. I requested they wear jeans with pops of soft neutral colors. The lighter colors really help them stand out against the greens and bright pink sweet pea wildflowers.

Baby walking in field holding sweet pea flowers Discovery Park

Comfortable clothing for kids is so crucial for a successful and relaxed outdoor family photography session. As you can see, this adorable soft romper was the perfect out and about walking outfit for their baby – isn’t she the sweetest? It kept her comfortable and the material is breathable. Cotton, linen or any other soft blend material is great for kids, babies, and children. I try to steer clients away from having their babies and smaller children wear jeans during sessions. Kids move so much that inevitably their jeans will show the top of their diaper or they will slip down as they bend over. Think aesthetically pleasing play clothes that kids can run, jump, and walk in.

Family sitting in wildflower field with baby Discovery Park

The sweet pea wildflowers at Discovery Park begin coming in around mid to late July at this park. This patch of wild flowers is one of my favorite spots to photograph family or couples. It feels special, and captured at the right time, very much like a storybook moment. Every year, I get asked where this is, so visit my website online and look for announcements for this location.

Ready to book a family session here? Visit my booking link online.

with love,
Maria Alcantara

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