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It goes without saying that one of my favorite times of year for family and couple photos is Summer. The light is magic, the temperature is comfortable, and there’s that fuzzy hazy feeling in the air that translates so beautifully in photos. I had some time recently to get some creative portraits done for a local Seattle florist that I’m excited to collaborate with this year. Krista is one of those artists that I simply love working with.

I saw her Instagram post that where she had painted a pair of jeans by hand. They looked so retro and fun that I immediately reached out to schedule a time for a fun sixties-inspired photoshoot. Since she’s a florist, we decided it had to be among the wildflowers at Discovery Park located in Magnolia, Seattle.

This inspiration for this photoshoot was a complete collaboration. We wanted carefree, trippy, Summer type vibes. Feeling comfortable in front of the camera is such a huge part of the process and success of seeing your actual self reflected back to you. I gave Krista very minimal direction and simply placed her in areas of the park that felt right for the lighting and mood of this photoshoot. She did an amazing job just letting go and truly taking advantage of our time together.

As a Seattle photographer, it’s such a gift being able to schedule some creative time with another artist. An idea like this could easily translate to a family photoshoot or a romantic couples session. It all takes a little bit of creative inspiration, participation, and collaboration. I’m happy to hear any and all ideas you have for photos that you’ll love!

Send me an inquiry online and tell me what’s your dream photoshoot.

with love,
Maria Alcantara

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