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My last photography session of the year may have been the most exciting – ok, it definitely was. I received a request in the Fall from my client that he wanted to do a surprise mini session proposal for his girlfriend. Besides receiving a request for a wedding or an elopement, I’m pretty sure this is one of the more fun requests that any Seattle couples photographer could receive. On top of being a referral from another client (thank you!), he requested Kerry Park in Seattle since it had a view of the Space Needle. It also happened to be the location of their first date.

A surprise proposal in late December doesn’t come with its own share of challenges, but it’s completely possible and this is where I jump into careful planning mode. We set a tentative date and time for the proposal and I began tracking the weather to see what the day could potentially look like. After finding a “dry” window of time that guaranteed no rain, I began to search for the exact right spot to stand and meet, then proceeded to send pictures to my client. After confirming that it was indeed a surprise, we coordinated to make sure we could find each other with a signal so that I could begin to take pictures at the exact right moment.

I’m so glad that I was able to capture this moment for this sweet and happy Seattle couple. These are the kind of moments that I simply live for. The adrenaline from the excitement level of capturing a surprise proposal at just the right time is something I don’t take for granted. I know that there are a ton of Seattle couple and engagement photographers in the city, so being chosen out of a sea of many always feels like such a privilege.

In addition to planning out the location and timing of this proposal, I also send all my couples clients outfit guides and a guide on just a general idea of what to expect during the session. Client experience is of the utmost importance to me and making sure that all my clients feel comfortable, beautiful, and simply their best selves during their chosen photography session. This couple truly brought their beautiful style forward and I feel as if the client took my advice to wear neutral colors that would show up so beautifully against the dark gray skies of Seattle. Color coordination is so important and look at what a difference it makes! I’m always more than happy to help you with this process and actually prefer to assist my clients with their outfits.

I always go the extra mile to help my couples feel comfortable with a little bit of direction and prompts designed to help you look your best. I’m always looking for those in between moments: the tenderness, the secret whispers, the sweet smiles, the forehead kisses, and then the warm hugs that always follow. All of these moments are my specialty that I love to convey and capture for all my clients, kids, and their families. If you’re planning a surprise proposal, always reach out to me with at least one week lead time and I’ll help you plan your memorable moment.

with love,
Maria Alcantara

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